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Holidays in Eden - Intro

Introduction: Holidays In Eden was the second Marillion album with Steve Hogarth. Considered (certainly at the time) by many fans to be the weakest album of either period, it was the most accessible and poppy record the band had made to date. While there are more pop songs than on previous offerings, there are also several songs which are more in tune with Marillion's traditional style. The album was a deliberate attempt to break into the American market, something it singularly failed to do, despite being repackaged and re-mastered for that market.

Not all the songs from the album have any explanations. The others were, to my mind, lacking anything needing explanation. This is not to say that they are necessarily simplistic stories/ songs but that there are no references that I have picked out. As was stated in the introduction, these pages are not meant to explain the meanings of songs, unless expressly mentioned by the band, but merely to provide background information which might aid the reader in reaching her or his own conclusion.

Cover notes: The European version of the cover is a study in blue of Eden by painter and illustrator Sarah Ball. All the animals created by God are facing a tree; presumably the Tree of Knowledge. For the first time, the traditional logo is missing, replaced by a simple mono-spaced font swept into a circle. On the back is the new MAR-ILL-ION logo that appeared for the first time on the Cover My Eyes single.

Above it are the three wise monkeys; hear no, see no and speak no evil.

The US cover has the same front cover picture but overlaid by the new logo, as seen to the right. I have never seen the back and can't comment on it. The running order was also different. Bert ter Steege's comprehensive discography should help you out if you are interested. There is a link on, cunningly enough, the links page.

Song Listing:

Songs with a link have explanations.

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