Site History

October 2016 - Remainder of FEAR tracks uploaded. Minor update to Genie.
September 2016 - Added info via SongFacts re: The New Kings, The Damage, You're Gone, Thankyou Whoever You AreSeptember 2016 - Added info via SongFacts re: The New Kings, The Damage, You're Gone, Thankyou Whoever You Are
 August 2016 - Added in info relating to songs that were originally by The Europeans/ How We Live
July 2016 - The New Kings page added.
FEAR intro page minor updates.

June 2016 - Fuck Everyone and Run Intro page added.
September 2015 - Slainte Mhath minor update

May 2015 - Afraid of Sunrise minor update.
January 2015 - Sounds That Can't Be Made uploaded. 
November 2014 - This Strange Engine, Radiat10n, DotCom & Anoraknophobia uploaded.
October 2014 - Brave & Afraid of Sunlight uploaded.

September 2014 - CaS, Seasons End & Holidays in Eden uploaded.
August 2014 - Relaunch of website on Blogger. SfaJT, Fugazi and MC uploaded.
May 2012 - Redesign of website
March 2010 - Gazpacho Lennon info updated
January 2010 - Lords of the Backstage info updated
September 2008 - Happiness is the Road info updated for Especially True & Asylum Satellite #1
September 2008 - Happiness is the Road info added. Invisible Man info updated
April 2008 - Out of this World updated
April 2008 - The Wound, The Other Half and Easter updates
June 2007 - Circular Ride info added.
April 2007 - Marbles and SWE info added. Massive update all round. All framesets removed
August 2004 - Added info on AoS cover, 80 Days, Memory of Water, Out of this World, Chelsea Monday and updated logo
September 2003 - Added Windswept thumb info to Bitter Suite, and thematic information to Quartz
May 2003 - Added 'Plough and the Stars' info to Easter, and Judith Ward corrections to Holloway Girl
April 2003 - Added info on King and Freaks
December 2002 - Added browser detection to assist the 800*600 luddites. Get a new monitor people!
December 2002 - Gazpacho info, translation of Japanese in The Opium Den added
December 2002 - Info on Rich quotes. Much Holidays info, esp This Town Trilogy
November 2002 - Grammatical/ spelling errors changed. Info on Lennon quote in King
October 2002 - Re-Addition of long-missing Tux On and Going Under
September 2002 - Addition of Flash intro, Flash menus. Rearranged Credits
August 2002 - Many stylistic changes, inc scroll bars. Additions and Corrections
July 2002 - Upload of H-era skins for Winamp and Windows Media Player
April 2002 - Additions of Hope for the Future and Winter Trees. Many corrections

August 2001 - Addition of many titbits and corrections
July 2001 - Addition of more detailed Anoraknophobia info
March 2001 - Addition of Radiation, DotCom & Anoraknophobia
March 2001 - Addition of submitted entries
Jan 2001 - Addition of information received from visitors to many pages
Jan 2001 - A complete overhaul of the style of the site

This site is best enjoyed by those with a comprehensive understanding of 9/8 time signatures and mini moog solos.