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Just for fun and (mainly) because I'm a bit of a nerd, I've pulled out various elements of Marillion lyrics into themed lists.

Animal Song
Albatross Fugazi
Apes Happiness Is The Road, El Dorado v. The Grandchildren of Apes
Banana Spiders This Strange Engine
Bees This Strange Engine, Happiness Is The Road, El Dorado i. Long-Shadowed Sun
Beagling Garden Party
Bird Memory Of Water, Cannibal Surf Babe, House, Happiness Is The Road, Gaza, El Dorado i. Long-Shadowed Sun
Bugs The Answering Machine
Bulldog This Strange Engine
Butterflies Warm Wet Circles
Cabbage Whites El Dorado i. Long-Shadowed Sun
Cats Incubus
Chameleon Emerald Lies
Chicken Fruit of the Wild Rose, The Only Unforgivable Thing, Gaza
Corn Flies Thunder Fly
Cuckoo The Uninvited Guest
Dog Forgotten Sons, Berlin, After Me
Dove  Memory Of Water
Ducks The Hollow Man
Flying Fish This Strange Engine
Frog Script For A Jester's Tear, Lady Nina
Horses Somewhere Else
Hounds Grendel
Insects The Web, Drilling Holes
Lamb Grendel, This Town
Leeches The Web, Garden Party
Lion This Town
Lizard Emerald Lies
Magpie Childhoods End?
Mare Pseudo Silk Kimono
Mice Sugar Mice
Minnow A Few Words For The Dead
Monkey Dreamy Street, The Man From Planet Marzipan, Emerald Lies
Moth Warm Wet Circles
Rat Fugazi
Silverback (Gorilla) The Sky Above The Rain
Slug Hotel Hobbies
Snake Incubus, Man Of A Thousand Faces
Spider Bitter Suite
Swallows Garden Party
Swans This Strange Engine
Tyrannosaurus Rex Cannibal Surf Babe
Viper Forgotten Sons
Wolf Three Boats Down From The Candy

Female Names Song
Anais Interior Lulu
Angelina   Angelina
Angie Garden Party
Cinderella Cinderella Search
Edith Lady Nina
Elizabeth Lady Nina
Gloria Circular Ride
Jane Icon
Joni Montreal
Judy Punch and Judy
Juliet Charting The Single
Kayleigh Kayleigh
Lavender Lavender
Lulu Interior Lulu
Linda Icon
Louise Interior Lulu
Magdalene Fugazi, Bitter Suite
Marilyn Lady Nina
Mary Icon, This Strange Engine
Naomi Icon
Nina Lady Nina
Ophelia Fugazi
Pam Icon
Pandora Fugazi
Wendy Neverland

Male Names Songs
Adam Hope For The Future
Elvis Three Minute Boy
Henry Interior Lulu
Jacob Built-In Bastard Radar
Jesus Afraid Of Sunrise
John Chelsea Monday
Leonard Montreal
Mickey Sympathy (for the Road Crew)
Peter Incommunicado
Romeo Charting The Single

Fictional, Mythical or Religious People Song Trivia
Adam Hope For The Future The first man, from Genesis 1
Banquo The Uninvited Guest Fictionalised version of real person from Shakespeare's Macbeth
Christ Torch Song
Cinderella Cinderella Search
Cyclops The Web
Dr. Finlay Torch Song A.J. Cronin's fictional Scottish General Practitioner
Icarus The Great Escape
Jacob Built-In Bastard Radar Brother of Esau, from Genesis 32
Jesus Afraid Of Sunrise, Afraid Of Sunlight, This Strange Engine
Juliet Charting The Single From Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
Mother Brown Forgotten Sons
Ophelia Fugazi From Shakespeare's Hamlet
Orion Somewhere Else The constellation named after the Greek Hunter
Othello Garden Party From Shakespeare's play of the same name
Peter Pan Incommunicado
Punch And Judy Punch and Judy
Romeo Charting The Single From Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
Siren Script For A Jester's Tear, The Web
Tarzan Chelsea Monday
The Thief Of Baghdad Fugazi From One Thousand and One Nights
Wendy Darling Neverland From J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan

Real People Song Trivia
(Johann) Strauss Garden Party Composer
(Tomas de) Torquemada Emerald Lies Head of the Spanish Inquisition
Anais (Nin) Interior Lulu Author
C.S. Lewis Interior Lulu Author
Charlemagne Goodbye To All That King, Emperor
(Geoffrey) Chaucer Garden Party Poet
Edith Piaf Lady Nina Singer
Elizabeth Taylor Lady Nina Actress
Elvis (Presley) Three Minute Boy Singer
Gloria Gaynor Circular Ride Singer
Henry (Miller) Interior Lulu Author
Joni Mitchell Montreal Singer
(Jack) Kerouac Torch Song Author
Linda (Evangelista) Icon Model
Louise Brooks Interior Lulu Actress
Marilyn Monroe Lady Nina Actress
Mr. Wilson Cannibal Surf Babe Brian Wilson, Composer
Mylo Blind Curve John Mylett, Drummer from Rage
Naomi (Campbell) Icon Model
Pam(ela Anderson) Icon Model, Actress
(Frank) Sinatra Torch Song Singer
Tutenkhamen Somewhere Else Egyptian Pharaoh
(Gianni) Versace Gazpacho Fashion Designer

Countries & Continents Songs
Africa The Last Century For Man
America The Last Century For Man, Especially True
Barbados Ocean Cloud
Brazil Enlightened
China The Last Century For Man, Living in FEAR
Egypt Goodbye To All That
England Costa Del Slough, Seasons End, Fruit of the Wild Rose, Trap The Spark, Especially True, Montreal, El Dorado i. Long-Shadowed Sun
Erin (Ireland) The Erin Marbles
Estonia Estonia (technically it is a ferry named after the country rather than the country per se)
France Torch Song, The Last Century For Man, Montreal
Iceland 80 Days
India The Last Century For Man
Ireland Easter
Japan 80 Days
Netherlands Happiness Is The Road
North America Montreal
UK The Last Century For Man
USA Especially True
Vietnam Blind Curve

Regions, Cities & Towns Songs
Amsterdam The Space, The Invisible Man
Babylon Man Of A Thousand Faces
Berlin Berlin
Bethlehem Gaza
Bilston Glen Slainte Mhath
Blackheath Fugazi
Docklands Fugazi
Brixton Fugazi
Budapest The Invisible Man
Chelsea Chelsea Monday
Clydeside Slainte Mhath
Cologne Charting The Single
Copenhagen Circular Ride
Flanders Slainte Mhath
Gaza Gaza
Hollywood Assassing
Krakow The Invisible Man
Lima The Leavers
Lisbon The Leavers
Liverpool Easter
London Chelsea Monday, Tux On, Holloway Girl, Map of the World, Montreal
Lothian Heart of Lothian
Lyon Bitter Suite
Milan 80 Days
Milwaukee Sugar Mice
Montreal Montreal
Nevada Afraid Of Sunrise
New York Map of the World, Especially True
Paris Charting The Single, Map of the World
Phoenix Afraid Of Sunrise
Slough Costa Del Slough
South of France Thankyou Whoever You Are
St. Tropez Chelsea Monday
Tequila Jigsaw
Timbuktu Three Minute Boy
Tokyo Three Minute Boy
Toronto Blind Curve
Utrecht Happiness is the Road
Yorkshire Especially True

Other Real Places Songs
Belsize Park Kayleigh
The Berlin Wall Living in FEAR
Central Park Warm Wet Circles
Fidra Lighthouse Warm Wet Circles
Fleet Street Incommunicado
Holloway Holloway Girl
Gulags White Russian
House Of Blues Especially True
Legoland Incommunicado
The Maginot Line Living in FEAR
Marquee Incommunicado
Mars Asylum Satellite #1
Montego Bay This Strange Engine
Niagara Falls Power
Orion Somewhere Else
Parthanon Man Of A Thousand Faces
Père Lachaise Cemetery Beaujolais Day
Picadilly Line Fugazi
Primrose Hill Interior Lulu
Royal Mile Heart of Lothian
Rue de St. Denis White Russian
Rue St. Mich. Built-In Bastard Radar
Seine Charting The Single
St Stephen The Invisible Man
Sunset Boulevard Incommunicado
The Bridge of Sighs Jigsaw
The Cam Garden Party
The Earth Asylum Satellite #1
The Great White Way (Broadway) Afraid Of Sunrise
The Northern Line Under The Sun
The Old Father (River Thames) Chelsea Monday
The Statue of Liberty Goodbye To All That
Troy Goodbye To All That
Whitehall Forgotten Sons

Fictional Places Song
Asylum Satellite #1 Asylum Satellite #1
Eden Holidays in Eden
El Dorado El Dorado
Garden Of Eden A State Of Mind
Heorot Grendel
Neverland Neverland
Pandemonium El Dorado i) i. Long-Shadowed Sun
Planet Marzipan The Wound, The Man From The Planet Marzipan

Trademarks & Brands Song
American Express Incommunicado
Armalite Forgotten Sons
Armani Gazpacho
Capri (Ford)
Chelsea Monday
Cirque du Soleil Montreal
Corniche (Rolls Royce)
Built-In Bastard Radar
Drambuie Slainte Mhath
Guardian Fugazi
Holiday Inn Blind Curve
Legoland Incommunicado
Life Fugazi
Martini Waterhole (Expresso Bongo)
Mogadons Punch and Judy
Olympic Number One
Perrier Incommunicado
Polaroid Cinderella Search, Three Boats Down From The Candy, Mirages
Saracen Forgotten Sons
Saturn 5 Power
Silk Cut Emerald Lies
Skype Montreal
Spitfire Cover My Eyes
Tequila Jigsaw, Lady Nina
The Daily Express Punch and Judy, Paper Lies
The Daily Mail Paper Lies
The Evening Standard Chelsea Monday
The Mirror Paper Lies
The News of the World Paper Lies
The Sun Paper Lies
Time Fugazi
Today Paper Lies
Triumph (Motorbikes) This Strange Engine
Tussauds Incommunicado
Uzi White Russian
Valium Lords of the Backstage
Versace Gazpacho


  1. Replies
    1. Is there in the section for Real People; John Mylett. It's not his first name, but a contracted & amended version of his surname, so I didn't think it should be in the list of male names.

  2. The Flanders referenced in Slainte Mhath is an engineering works rather than the place of the same name.

    1. Well, the song is drawing a parallel between the men facing the end of heavy industry in Scotland and their grandfathers in WWI trenches, so it clearly is a reference to Flanders in Belgium, but are you also saying it's an engineering works in Scotland? If so, do you know where exactly?

  3. Estonia isn't really about the European country. The song is about the sunken ferry vessel with the same name. I'm really not nitpicking, but hoping it helps clarify the song meaning.

    1. Indeed, as the song entry makes clear. I've clarified that point though.

  4. What about Belsize Park (Kayleigh)?

  5. Central Park and the Fidra lighthouse in Warm Wet Circles

  6. Lisbon and Lima:

    "We nod-off in London or Lisbon or Lima" (The Leavers part 1)

  7. small fix: Egypt belongs to the countries table
    (btw love this post)

    1. That was a test. You're the first to pass.



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