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Be Hard On Yourself

Introduction: The song was initially released to fans that had pre-ordered the album on 29th October 2021 (it had originally been planned for Nov 1st) with artwork by Simon Ward.

'Less can be more'
A reference to the Marillion album Less is More, as well as the well-known expression?

In the context of the song, it is pretty obvious that the literal meaning of the word is in the sense of consuming resources and rampant consumerism. However, historically, 'consumption' was also another name for a significant cause of death, namely tuberculosis or 'TB', so named for the associated weight loss, which gave the impression of the disease 'eating' the victim. In the majority of cases, TB is associated with lung damage.

Tuberculosis is still prevalent in parts of the world, but in the developed world is rare (fewer than 1 in 10,000), though it is a major killer globally (1.5 million deaths), second only to COVID-19 in 2020.

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  1. Hard (hah!) not to see parts of song as a direct callback to that horrible Jess Glynne song "Don't Be So Hard On Yourself":

    There are several direct lyrical callbacks: "Let's go back to simplicity", "Everyone trips, everyone falls", and so on.

    Perhaps it's a tribute. Or perhaps it's a sarcastic riposte to saccharine, well-behaved blandness - whatever about the orchestration of that song, the kind of advice being dispensed ("You're beautiful! It's OK, you're trying your best and that's all anyone can do!") is simply not good enough when confronted with serious and defining issues (climate change, elections of fascist presidents, decaying and miserable relationships).


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