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Three Boats Down From The Candy

'Crying Wolf'
Brewer's: "To give a false alarm. The allusion is to the fable of the shepherd lad, who so often called 'Wolf!' merely to make fun of the neighbours, that when at last the wolf came, no one would believe him. This fable occurs in nearly every nation the world over."

'The Candy'
This is the name of a boat on Brighton beach. According to Fish's onstage intros, the story is about a couple who have a tryst under a boat that has no name, just a number. The nearest one with a name is The Candy.

'Rollers coast'
I was listening to the Between You and Me podcast when I had a moment of mundane enlightenment - when you have a sudden insight into something that's not that impressive. It had never occurred to me that the expression 'rollers coast' might imply the presence of an actual roller coaster - I'd always just thought that while a play on the word 'roller-coaster', it just referred to the waves breaking on the shoreline, but listening, I suddenly realised that it might be a bit more literal.

On Brighton's Palace Pier there is a roller-coaster - two in fact - however, back in the late 1970s/early 80s, there wouldn't have been. The first roller-coaster on Brighton Pier didn't open until the 1990s; prior to that there had been fairground style attractions, though seaside roller-coasters were by no means unusual at that time, so it might just be poetic licence.

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  1. I think the way "I remember you..." is sung at the end is typical of Fish's lyrics. One person in the tryst will remember this forever, etched on their mind (their poloroid, their celuloid) it meant so much, while for the other it may just wash away and be forgotten. This may not happen, but it is tha anxiety of one of them.


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