Splintering Heart

IntroductionSteve Hogarth on Marillion.com: "The lyric came to me in a flash early in February of 1990. I went for a walk in Toronto - I was on my way to the CN tower - the world's tallest structure or something like that - doing the tourist thing, and I wrote it down with a felt pen on a photo wallet that was the only piece of paper available. I was feeling lonely and I could sometimes feel it pricking at me. It's an icy place in February - Toronto - and I was imagining a heart shattering from it's own hardness... or coldness. I still like the imagery in the last verse... 'a cross for a kiss...' Aint that the truth?"

‘A cross for a kiss’
A cross being the sign of kisses and affection at the end of a letter, derives from the Cross of Christ upon which Jesus showed his love for humanity by dying.

'The same sun is shining on the… saints and the sinners'
Arjan Dasselaar said: "Two lines of Splintering Heart can be found in Matthew 5: 45 (The Sermon on the Mount). However, because of interpretation differences there may be slight differences in translation between the original Greek texts and English/Dutch translations. My Dutch 'Statenvertaling' Bible says 'the evil and the good' instead of 'saints and the sinners' - but this translation is a Protestant one, and we all know they don't do saints!"

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