Now Wash Your Hands

‘Now wash your hands’
Arjan Dasselaar
said: "This is a reference to when Jesus is judged by Pontius Pilate. There after he washes his hands as a symbol of his innocence. After all, he didn’t take the decision to have Jesus killed, the crowd did, didn’t they?"

Pilate knew that Jesus was guilty of no crime, but the Jewish elders wanted him taken care of. Pilate tells them that Jesus is innocent but the Elders insist that he is done away with. Finally, Pilate goes for a compromise that (he believes) removes any guilt from his hands. If you’ve seen Monty Python’s Life of Brian, then the scene where the crowd want ‘wobbers and wapists’ weleased released - is pretty much what happened. The crowd were given a choice of who they wanted freed and opt for Barabbas, a known murderer and all round fist-magnet instead of Christ.

‘with your favourite soap’
Soap meaning ‘soap opera’. However, Ian Pedliham says: "I've been coming round to the notion that it is a reference to the heroine suffering from compulsive behaviour syndrome and constantly washing her hands with her 'favourite soap'."

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