Born To Run

Introduction: Steve Hogarth said: "I was thinking of the north of England and the little working class towns - one of which I grew up in - and about people who run away from their roots; people who go, "God, I'm getting out of here," and run away and try and make a bigger life or a better life for themselves, and travel and experience the world. At the end of the day, if you deny your roots, the day will come where you realise you are actually nonetheless a product of where you grew up and how you grew up. And you can't run from that because it runs with you. 

"So, I was trying to say this is the kind of culture, this is the kind of background that I ran away from, that I rejected. And yet, having rejected it and having run so far from it, and although in many ways I'm an antithesis of the culture I grew up in, we are bound together by that sort of common heritage, and I can't run from it. So, that was a poem about that."

Pete's quote at the end
"A is a nice place to go. What were those chords again?"

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