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Introduction: From the notes on Steve Hogarth wrote: "Funny, while we were working on this song overdubbing in the studio I picked up a copy of Q (monthly British rock magazine, 1986-2015 - Literary Ed) and read this interview with Massive [Attack]'s Robert del Naja and when he was asked what he was listening to at the moment he said, among others, 'some old progressive rock albums', which was kind of surprising and a little spooky considering what we were working on.

"The song is really about ghosts: It's about how a house tends to exude the pain or joy of what has gone on inside it. During the near-collapse of my own relationship a couple of years ago, the house seemed to somehow ooze the pain we were in, even when nobody was there. There wasn't a level to which I could turn up the hi-fi that drowned out the silence that was still there. In case you're wondering, there's a happy ending, and that same house feels different these days.

"We're doing fine. It's a happy house, actually."

...something it would not remain, as the rounds of interviews for Somewhere Else revealed.

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