With Friends from the Orchestra - Introduction

Introduction: With Friends from the Orchestra is the nineteenth Marillion album, the fifteenth with Steve Hogarth.

It was announced on 30th September 2019 in a news article titled We have a confession to make in which the band announced that they had secretly recorded an album that would come out in mid October, followed by a short European tour.

The album contained rearrangements of Marillion songs, most of which had featured on the preceding orchestra tour, recorded at Real World Studios with the following additional musicians:

In Praise of Folly (string quartet):

Margaret Hermant - Violin
Maia Frankowski - Violin
Nicole Miller - Viola
Annemie Osborne - Cello

Flute - Emma Halnan
French Horn - Sam Morris

As a consequence of this, there are no explanations for any of the songs on the album, because if there are, they're already on the relevant album's pages.

Except one, because sneakily, they added a lyric to This Strange Engine.

Cover notes: The cover artwork released in September 2019, designed by Carl Glover, features a burning violin held aloft in front of a desert background.

Song Listing:

Songs with a link have explanations.

  • Estonia
  • A Collection
  • Fantastic Place
  • Beyond You
  • This Strange Engine
  • The Hollow Man
  • The Sky Above The Rain
  • Seasons End
  • Ocean Cloud

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SE HiE Brave AoS TSE
R10 dotcom ANP Marbles SWE

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