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Site History


Sept - Updated the Brave Introduction page with developments regarding the identity of photographer and model for the cover art.

Updated Assassing with additional info from Fish on Friday as to the origin of the lyric.

Added a new Song List page with a list of all Marillion's songs on it with direct links to their Explanations, date first released and who the writers are.

Added more info to the M20 page including the AHBID initials competition and some new comments from Pete and h, the song titles and the first song length, and a snippet of lyrics from an unnamed song.

Added more info to the M20 page including the LightSavers initiative and the confirmation of the track length for Be Hard on Yourself.

The 'razored more than lines up' lyric from Tux On was expanded to acknowledge the inference of suicide.

August Added a couple of additional snippets of info regarding The Web and Grendel from an interview by Marko's Marillion Museum with Diz Minnit. Created an intro page for M20.

-  Added a couple of missing cities to the Miscellany page, and Père Lachaise Cemetery to the 'Other Real Places' list.

April - Updated the Introduction slightly. It's mostly the same apart from some self-congratulatory guff, so if you've read it before, it's not necessarily going to tell you anything particularly revelatory, but if you're new, you might be interested to find out why the site exists.

Updated The Bell in the Sea with some additional background info. Updated the strange tale of this site and the sex kidnapper.

Continued with the improvement to navigation for mobile and underlying html. All entries have now been updated. Additionally small improvements to the text have been made.

March - Started to improve navigation for mobile and sort out the state of the underlying html, which was fairly mangled and ugly in places, having been C&P'd from Word, which insists on copying over its own MS formatting.

Added pages for Number One and Fruit of the Wild Rose. I'm not sure where these had gone. There had certainly been a page for Number One in the past, and it's my clear memory that FotWR had one, but they weren't on this version of the site. They are now.

I was very flattered to be asked to contribute to the Between You and Me podcast by Paul and Sanja Rose. BYAMPod - as all the cool kids call it - is a weekly show in which Paul and Sanja take Marillion's albums and discuss their background, lyrics and music in an irreverent way. The episode I was on - 15. The History of The Marillion Fanclub - was, as the title suggests, mostly about the Web UK fan club, but we did also discuss the Explanations.

Added a reference to the 'squares at Waterloo' lyric from Sunset Hill appearing as part of Fish's Fortunes of War. Added reference to 'spirit rack' to Afraid of Sunlight.  Updated the entry for Margaret with some additional information from Diz Minnitt.

February - Added explanation of 'prick your thumbs' to Afraid of Sunlight.


- Added comments from Diz Minnitt to Garden Party.

- Added an explanation for 'cue sheets' to Cinderella Search. Added an intro page for the With Friends from the Orchestra and the version of This Strange Engine from that album. Minor update to original TSE explanations to add in link to the new version and link to The Corona Diaries podcast explanation of the song. Added roller-coaster info to Three Boats Down from the Candy.


July - Added h's comments about Yes to The Party.
June - Added John Helmer comments to Memory of Water.
April - Added Robert Browning poem to This Strange Engine.


October - Remainder of FEAR tracks uploaded. Minor update to Genie.
September - Added info via SongFacts re: The New Kings, The Damage, You're Gone, Thankyou Whoever You Are
August - Added in info relating to songs that were originally by The Europeans/ How We Live
July - The New Kings page added.
June - Fuck Everyone and Run Intro page added.


September - Slainte Mhath minor update
May - Afraid of Sunrise minor update
January - Sounds That Can't Be Made uploaded.


November - This Strange Engine, Radiat10n, DotCom and Anoraknophobia uploaded.
October - Brave & Afraid of Sunlight uploaded.
September - CaS, Seasons End & Holidays in Eden uploaded.
August - Relaunch of website on Blogger. SfaJT, Fugazi and MC uploaded.


May - Redesign of website


March - Gazpacho Lennon info updated
January - Lords of the Backstage info updated


September - Happiness is the Road info updated for Especially True & Asylum Satellite #. Invisible Man info updated
April - Out of this World updated. The Wound, The Other Half and Easter updates


June - Circular Ride info added.
April - Marbles and SWE info added. Massive update all round. All framesets removed


August - Added info on AoS cover, 80 Days, Memory of Water, Out of this World, Chelsea Monday and updated logo


September - Added Windswept thumb info to Bitter Suite, and thematic information to Quartz
May - Added 'Plough and the Stars' info to Easter, and Judith Ward corrections to Holloway Girl
April - Added info on King and Freaks


December - Added browser detection to assist the 800*600 luddites. Get a new monitor people! Gazpacho info, translation of Japanese in The Opium Den added, info on Rich quotes. Much Holidays info, esp This Town Trilogy
November - Grammatical/ spelling errors changed. Info on Lennon quote in King
October - Re-Addition of long-missing Tux On and Going Under
September - Addition of Flash intro, Flash menus. Rearranged Credits
August - Many stylistic changes, inc scroll bars. Additions and Corrections
July - Upload of H-era skins for Winamp and Windows Media Player
April - Additions of Hope for the Future and Winter Trees. Many corrections


August - Addition of many titbits and corrections
July - Addition of more detailed Anoraknophobia info
March - Addition of Radiation, DotCom & Anoraknophobia. Addition of submitted entries
Jan - A complete overhaul of the style of the site. Addition of information received from visitors to many pages

This site is best enjoyed by those with a comprehensive understanding of 9/8 time signatures and mini moog solos.