If My Heart Were A Ball, It Would Roll Uphill

Introduction: From the Web UK mag: Steve H: "[it's] about having a mad heart really. That simple. Having a heart that doesn't behave and can't and defies the laws of physics."

'She was only dreaming'
In the Summer 2001 copy of Twisting Tales, Pete Trewavas says that they can't remember whether it is him or former drummer Mick Pointer saying it, but it is a sample from Chelsea Monday.

'will to win'
The end section of the song is formed of various snippets of lyrics from the other songs. This particular bit is from a song called Number One. Familiar to anyone with the Bass Museum concert, or the Anoraknophobia bonus disc, the song is not commercially available. At one point considered for the album, it was dropped since it didn't fit in with the rest of the album sonically. The actual line is 'Don't you ever wonder if this will to win is a weakness'.

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