Separated Out

Introduction:  In an interview with Bart Jan van der Vorst for the Dutch Progressive Rock Pages, h said, "It's loosely about a bad dope-eating experience I had with How We Live at Edinburgh Playhouse. We'd had this really long boring drive from Manchester and I'd made the mistake of eating a sizeable chunk of resin at 2.00 in the afternoon. Now the thing about eating that stuff is that nothing happens for two or three hours, so you eat a bit more. By soundcheck I had officially left the planet and by show time at 8.00 that night I had lost my memory completely and didn't know any of the songs. The place was sold out and Colin Woore's mum and dad were in the audience to see him play for the first time in his ten year career - Nightmare, all round really. So the song is based upon that feeling of isolation, terror and generally being at odds with the rest of humanity."

The samples in the song are all taken from Todd Browning's film Freaks. Filmed in 1932, the film was about 'grotesques' from a travelling carnival - pinheads, bearded ladies, midgets and several characters with limbs missing. What caused controversy was that all of them were real. An astonishingly humane film, its central conceit was stolen by U2 for the video to All I Want Is You.
Additionally, Colin Price from Racket Records posted the following titbit on the forum in April 2002: "Dave Meegan was messing with the dialogue from the Freaks film in the studio and he asked me if Marillion had any connection with the word 'Freaks' in any of their songs. He did not know about the B side track Freaks nor did he know that the fans often refer to themselves as 'Freaks'...

Now that's freaky!!"

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