Real Tears for Sale

Such a pretty girl [...] you shaved your head, pulled a face'
Although Britney Spears may be the most recent pop star to shave her head, h has stated the inspiration for the song was Irish chanteuse Sinead O’Connor.

'The horror show when you were young'
O'Connor has stated that her childhood was characterised by abuse from her emotionally unstable mother.

'But even whores don't kiss with tongues'
Prostitutes, it is said, do not kiss their clients as kissing is felt to be a sign of intimacy above that of copulation. If anyone wants to shed any light on whether this is really true, please feel free...

Mark Kennedy also discovered the following gem from 2005: "O'Connor recently said in an interview with Hotpress, adding to her tiresome litany of shocking statements, that mainstream music 'has all the sincerity of a whore's kiss.'"

'Nonetheless I do believe you cried real tears'
The video of O’Connor’s version of the Prince-penned Nothing Compares 2 U largely comprises a single static shot of O’Conner in close up. 

Towards the end of the song, starting at around 3:20, as a result of singing the lines, 'All the flowers that you planted, Mama in the back yard, All died when you went away,' a tear rolls down each cheek. O’Connor maintains these were real tears and were because the lyric made her think of her mother with whom she’d had a complicated relationship.

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