The Man from Planet Marzipan

'I am the man from the planet Marzipan'
A play on the name of the planet Mars, presumably intended to imply tragicomedy to the aforementioned man through the use of the word 'marzipan', a confection of ground sugar and almonds, often used to cover cakes.
The line first appeared in the lyrics to The Wound, on Somewhere Else.

'I look like a rotary washing line'
As below: 

'I am the face of 2069'
A reference to the British model 'Twiggy' (born Lesley Hornby, 1949). She was dubbed 'the face of 1966' by the Daily Express, and for four years was the most famous fashion model on both sides of the Atlantic. After four years at the top, she retired stating, "You can't be a clothes hanger for your entire life!" which may be a reference h has picked up on in the previous line about washing lines and bastardised. Further support for this may be in the lines, "I took my demons by the hand, Bent them, twisted them until they scanned and rhymed" (see Real Tears for Sale), which concerns h's propensity to bend the truth to make it fit lyrically.

Note the fact that Twiggy was actually the face of 1966, but h has referenced it as though it were the face of 1969. According to some, h was actually born in 1956 but his official biog on has him being born in 1959. Is this h poking some fun at debate this fact sometimes causes?

'I can see the join'
A probable reference to a recurring line used by the British comedian Eric Morecombe about the alleged wig of his double act partner Ernie Wise. Thanks to Rich Harding for pointing that out.

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