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Last Century For Man

'The wretched of the earth exploited by the rich few'
In 2000, the richest 1 percent of adults - most of whom live in Europe or the United States - owned 40 percent of global assets. The richest 10 percent of adults accounted for 85 percent of assets. By contrast, the bottom 50 percent of the world's adult population owned barely 1 percent of the world's wealth." (World Institute for Development Economics Research, 2006). (As an update, the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report 2019 documents that this had risen to 44% of global assets owned by the richest 1%. The COVID-19 global pandemic is expected to have exacerbated this further...)

'Gamble in the South of France’
Rich Hardingsaid "[This] has the double-meaning 'gambol', as in lambs in pastures." (Gambol, n, 'To leap about playfully; frolic' – Dictionary Ed)

Additionally, there is the literal sense, presumably referring to the many resorts along the French Riviera, in places such as Provence and San Tropez - and possibly those in Monaco (which is a separate country, but nevertheless located 'in' the South of France - with casinos.

'Grace or disgrace... ...Reality pays'
A possible reference to reality television shows such as Big Brother, and in particular those who have achieved a measure of fame from their antics thereupon. It may be a reference to Grace Adams-Short from Big Brother 7 (2006 UK TV series), who achieved her fifteen minutes of 'fame' by being bitchy and two-faced. On hearing of her eviction, she threw a glass of water over a fellow contestant and called her a 'moose'.

Hats off to China, and India'
A reference to the doffing of a hat. This is a now largely-obsolete mannerism in which a man would show his respect for another by removing or lifting his hat.

'You haven't been paying attention'
Rich Harding
said "Given the incredibly similar context, and even the song's musical resemblance to Radiohead, I do think that there is a distinct possibility that [it] is a direct reference to/ repetition of the particularly powerful and almost identical line (and sentiment) in 2+2=5."

There are no explanations for See It Like A Baby or Faith.

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MSH SfaJT Fugazi MC CaS
SE HiE Brave AoS TSE
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