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The Other Half

'Planets aligned in warning'
By virtue of their regular orbits, planets can and do come into alignment with each other every so often. On a galactic timescale, it happens all the time. Any astronomer will tell you that there is nothing inherently astonishing about this, yet astrologers and other woo woos have long contended that these alignments are great portents and will see tidal waves decimate the globe, the Earth splitting in two or The Beatles reforming with the original line up, or some other nonsense.

If there were to be an effect on the Earth as a result of planetary alignment, it would take one of two forms, gravitational or tidal. None of the planets exerts even a fraction of the effect of the moon for either form, and even if they were all to line up, a grand total of bugger-all-worthy-of-mention would occur.

'Trap door sprung beneath me'
This has connotations of the scaffold, where the condemned stood upon a trapdoor with the noose around their neck. The trapdoor was sprung, the body dropped and - if you were 'lucky' - the neck broke, resulting in instantaneous death.

'Comet's tail behind me, signalling a birth'
Comets are small bodies in the Sun's orbit that exhibit either an atmosphere (or 'coma') or a tail. The associating with births is not entirely clear. Certainly the Biblical Star of Bethlehem - often alleged to be a comet - that supposedly led the Magi to the manger in which Christ was born is a major source of the association.

More frequently, however, comets were historically associated with portents of doom.

Corey Baker added, "the tails of all comets point away from the sun. If the tail is behind the comet, it is young in the rotation. If the tail is in front of, or leading, the comet, it is finishing it's rotation. Perhaps, it's a metaphor for personal development or change."

'The northern lights, all burning'
The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon found near the North Pole. It is named after the Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora, and the Greek name for north wind, Boreas and normally appears as a reddish glow in the north. It typically appears between September to October and March to April. It's caused by the florescence from electrons in the upper atmosphere colliding with atoms of gasses. The light emitted is 'controlled' by the Earth's magnetic field, and it is at the poles where the field disappears into the Earth that the effect is most visible.

There are no explanations for See It Like A Baby or Faith.

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