Introduction: Fish (The Funny Farm Interview - July '95, Dick Bros) said: "Going through parks listening to Joni Mitchell, Lavender is the little boy's dream about you can walk through the park and bump into the lady of your dreams that you're going to fall instantaneously in love with." 

'Lavenders Blue... will be Queen'
Marianne Sievers sent the following to Freaks: "The traditional song which inspired the lyrics of Lavender has been around for at least 300 years - the earliest documented version I've run across was written down in the late 1600s. It consisted of about 30 verses, with a chorus containing the lines: "Lavender's blue, dilly dilly, Rosemary's green". You can hear a relatively modern version of the folk song in the Disney movie So Dear to My Heart, being sung by Burl Ives. The traditional song is also gaining favour as a lullaby - it has appeared on a number of lullaby collections. Folk artist Susan Branch based one of her pieces on the line 'Lavender blue, dilly dilly'. I believe it appears in her first Heart of the Home collection."

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