Waterhole (Expresso Bongo)

A slang term for a pub.

'Expresso Bongo'
Espresso Bongo was a play that turned into a film in 1960 starring Cliff Richard as naive rock star Bert Rudge who signs up with hustler Johnny Jackson. Jackson changes Rudge's name to Bongo Herbert and sets him on the path to fame, but Herbert soon realises he's been stitched up by his bent manager and his 50:50 split of his earnings.

However, Piet Spaans says that he had asked Fish whether this referred to the Cliff Richard film and was told it didn't.

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  1. I once asked Fish about that, because I'm also a Cliff Richard COLLECTER. He said there was no connection.


    1. Interesting - thanks Piet! Without Fish telling us more, I guess we'll never know. Perhaps it was the name of a real pub named after the film?

      It surprises me to hear there's no connection though, given the number of references to classic films in the rest of Misplaced.


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