After Me

Introduction: Steve Hogarth wrote on "A song about the deliberate and stubborn pursuit of innocence, long after innocence is lost. Also the pain and futility of a restless spirit. A love song."

Tammi at Horizon Designs said: "Mr. h did an interview with Marina Lenti from the Italian fan club and this was in The Web USA #10:

ML: You once said it's dedicated to your wife. So ‘the dog’ that ‘claws at the door to be let out at night’ must be you.

h: (Smiling) Yes, I am that dog. I'm the stray dog.

He then goes on the explain that his wife is very strong and trusting and gives him the emotional space that he needs. That sounds like a good description of the song. A giving of herself with no expectation of any return. But he acknowledges that she is always there for him."

‘There's a heart on her sleeve’
Brewer’s: "To expose one’s secret thoughts or intentions to general notice; to show plainly one’s feelings. The reference is to the custom of tying one’s lady’s favour (usually a handkerchief) to one’s sleeve, and thus exposing the secret of the heart." (cf. Waterhole (Expresso Bongo))

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