The Bell In The Sea

Introduction: Steve Hogarth wrote on "Legend has it that many years ago, a ship was transporting a huge church bell from the foundry where it was struck, to the Abbey at Whitby. In bad weather the ship was wrecked and the bell tore itself free to lie on the sea-bed. On stormy nights, the bell rolls on the sea floor and tolls under the water to mourn the passing of sailors. In Whitby there are those who say they have heard her ghostly moaning." This story was originally sent to us by J. M. ten Napel.

However, in Suffolk, England, there is a hole in the coast where a village by the name of Dunwich used to be. It was swept into the sea, where it remains. Local legend tells that you can still hear the church bell toll on stormy nights. It proves, if nothing else, that some stories become so ingrained in myth that everyone claims it is about them!

Lyrics: Steve Hogarth & John Helmer

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