Hooks In You

Introduction: From Steve Hogarth's liner notes to Six of One: "February '89. The Music Farm. The days were spent jamming in the studio and drinking fresh coffee in the lounge next door. On one such afternoon I was wrestling with the cafetiere plunger when I heard that guitar riff coming through the wall. I was perusing a fax from the ever-creative John Helmer and there was this line 'when the fear gets a hook in you...' The song unfolded in my head, right there and then and, in about an hour, we had the basic structure nailed. We all wondered whether it was too 'straight ahead' but always liked its attitude... You have to listen to it loud, really... "

'fair-weather friends’
This is based on an old nautical term, ‘fair-weather sailors’. Fair weather sailors were happy to be upon the water when they knew that the sailing would be easy and fun, but would refuse to go sailing when it was likely to be a bit more dangerous or difficult. 

Lyrics: Steve Hogarth & John Helmer

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