Afraid of Sunlight

'I will deny' & 'Afraid of Sunlight'
On the night before his arrest, Jesus tells his apostle Peter that the disciple will deny him three times that night before the cock crows. Peter laughs but that night he is asked on three separate occasions whether he 'hangs out with the bloke that reckons he's the Messiah?' Three times Peter denies that he is a confederate of Jesus, knowing that Jesus is a political hot potato, wanted by both the Jewish and Roman authorities. As he denies Christ the third time, the cock crows for morning and Peter realises what he has done.

The Byzantine empire was the eastern part of the Roman Empire from 330 AD. After the fall of Rome C. 410 AD, it was the sole European empire. It continued until 1456, when it was invaded by Ottoman Turks under Mehmet II.

The Empire was renowned for its complicated politics, hence 'Byzantine' is used to indicate schemes that are complicated.Lyrics: Steve Hogarth & John Helmer

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