Introduction: Mike Tyson, Jake la Motta and OJ Simpson both feature in this song, Tyson and La Motta are used in the analogy of the raging bull and OJ Simpson's escape 'attempt' is narrated by a journalist from Los Angeles television during the infamous 'slow pursuit' of Simpson's white Ford Bronco. 

The news report
Fangorn has sent in an exact version of the news report heard under the intro: "Ladies and gentlemen in attendance, and boxing fans joining us around the world, it's show time! The Heavyweight Championship of the World..." 

If anyone happens to know from where this is taken, please let us know.

John Lennon Quote
This quote is based upon an interview Lennon did with David Scheff of Playboy in 1980. The section from which it’s culled from concerns how Lennon saw the world differently from his contemporaries. The relevant portions are highlighted below.

"LENNON: There was something wrong with me, I thought, because I seemed to see things other people didn't see. I thought I was crazy or an egomaniac for claiming to see things other people didn't see. As a child, I would say, "But this is going on!" and everybody would look at me as if I was crazy. I always was so psychic or intuitive or poetic or whatever you want to call it, that I was always seeing things in a hallucinatory way. It was scary as a child, because there was nobody to relate to. Neither my auntie nor my friends nor anybody could ever see what I did. It was very, very scary and the only contact I had was reading about an Oscar Wilde or a Dylan Thomas or a Vincent van Gogh -- all those books that my auntie had that talked about their suffering because of their visions. Because of what they saw, they were tortured by society for trying to express what they were. I saw loneliness.

"PLAYBOY: Were you able to find others to share your visions with?

"LENNON: Only dead people in books. Lewis Carroll, certain paintings. Surrealism had a great effect on me, because then I realized that my imagery and my mind wasn't insanity; that if it was insane, I belong in an exclusive club that sees the world in those terms. Surrealism to me is reality. Psychic vision to me is reality. Even as a child. When I looked at myself in the mirror or when I was 12, 13, I used to literally trance out into alpha. I didn't know what it was called then. I found out years later there is a name for those conditions. But I would find myself seeing hallucinatory images of my face changing and becoming cosmic and complete. It caused me to always be a rebel. This thing gave me a chip on the shoulder; but, on the other hand, I wanted to be loved and accepted. Part of me would like to be accepted by all facets of society and not be this loudmouthed lunatic musician. But I cannot be what I am not. Because of my attitude, all the other boys' parents, including Paul's father, would say, "Keep away from him." The parents instinctively recognized what I was, which was a troublemaker, meaning I did not conform and I would influence their kids, which I did. "

Red Glenn tells us that the voice isn't actually Lennon's but actor Bernard Hill as Lennon in a docu-drama called John Lennon: A Journey In The Life.

A cold tomato soup. A spill upon clothes might well look like blood...

Here is a short simple recipe of gazpacho:

For 2 people
1/2 kilo of tomato (peel and remove the seeds)
1/4 of one medium sized onion
1/2 of one medium sized cucumber
1/4 of a clove of garlic
3 tablespoons of olive oil or other oil
1 tablespoon of vinegar
Salt to taste
125 grs. of breadcrumbs

Put everything apart from the breadcrumbs and salt in the mixer as though you were making a juice. When everything becomes liquid, add the breadcrumbs and salt. Depending on the thickness and taste of the soup, you can add a very very cold water if required.

You can also add carrots. 

Serve cold.

(I suspect this is probably the only band-related site on the ‘net that also has recipes on it! - Delia Ed.)
'Raging like a bull'
Raging Bull (1980) was Martin Scorcese's violent thriller about a boxer (Robert de Niro) on the edge. Loosely based on the life of Jake LaMotta, Raging Bull focuses on Jake's rage and violence that make him almost unstoppable in the ring. The same anger drives Jake to beat his wife and his brother and sends Jake down a self-destructive spiral of paranoia and rage.

Lyrics: Steve Hogarth & John Helmer

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