Cannibal Surf Babe

'Surf Leash'
The line which goes from a surfer's ankle to the board, to stop them becoming separated in the case of a 'wipeout'.

'Mr Wilson'
Brian Wilson, founder and creative genius of the Beach boys, wrote such classics as Good Vibrations, California Girls and Surfin' USA. Distraught over the commercial failure of his artistic masterpiece Pet Sounds, Wilson entered a twenty five year period of drug addiction, alcoholism, obesity and mental illness.

From the summer of 1973 to 1975, Wilson locked himself in his bedroom and lay in bed. His daily ritual consisted of watching trash daytime TV and Sesame Street and staring at intricately carved angels on the headboard of his bed. Iggy Pop (ex-junkie, alcoholic, animated cadaver, fond of showing off the parts they never mention) was once quoted as saying that Wilson was 'just too damn weird!'

Brian eventually managed to 'escape' from his therapist, who it is alleged, conspired to keep him locked away from the world and started playing and recording once more.

'Perfect microwave'
'Looking for the perfect wave' was the ideal of the surfer, to find the perfect wave and ride it down. An excellent film showing this is The Big Wednesday, featuring Jan Michael 'Airwolf' Vincent, a man who destroyed his career through drink and drugs and his marriage through his violence. AoS synchronicity or what?
Lyrics: Steve Hogarth & John Helmer

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