Thankyou Whoever You Are

Introduction: In an interview with Songfacts, h revealed, “That was inspired by own children, actually. It was a little love song to my son, who wasn't that old at the time. He was a baby.

"But it was also inspired as a statement of thanks to people you haven't even met. So in that sense, it was aimed at our own fans - we're indebted to our fans. I mean, we're probably the band who knows most of our fans! I recognize probably 30 percent of them if they pass me on the street, because I'm so used to seeing them over the years.

"We have a very hardcore fan base. There is a lot of them, but we do get to see them fairly often. Over the years, you get to recognize the faces, and you get to know a few of them as well. Some of our fans have become good friends. Some of our fans have even represented us in court! [Laughs] We've got barristers and company executives amongst our fans now. They are occasionally a godsend."

According to Lucy Jordache, the reason that 'Thankyou' is written as one word is simply h's whim. Cf 'bloodyenglishweather' in The Only Unforgivable Thing.

'I won't ask you... ...cold dotted line'
A reference to the marriage contract.

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MSH SfaJT Fugazi MC CaS
SE HiE Brave AoS TSE
R10 dotcom ANP Marbles SWE

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