Going Under

'Seal ready for slaughter'
Seal clubbing is a complex issue, involving opposing views about the welfare of animals and the rights of aborigine people to protect their cultural roots. There is also, a fair amount of bullshit on both sides - the pro-hunting brigade laughably claim seals are responsible for the decline of the Cod stocks (rather than massive over-fishing by mankind), whereas the anti-hunting brigade appear less aware than they probably should be about the concerns of the Inuit and other affected peoples.

What is indisputably true is that the seal cull is annually responsible for the deaths of roughly 250,000 seal cubs, many reportedly under the minimum 12 day age proscribed by law. Death is violent - according to the anti-hunting organisation GAASH, who secretly recorded hunts, "some seals were skinned alive and many others were either wounded by gunfire, left writhing in agony for several minutes after being clubbed, caught on sharpened steel hooks or clubbed to death with illegal weapons".

'I took to the drink'

'The drink' is a British colloquialism for the sea.

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