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The Last Straw

Introduction: From an unnamed article in No1 Magazine written by Debbie Voller on 30 May 1987, sent to me by Kristie English:

Fish: Torch has gone so far down that the only way he can go now is up! He starts writing again, and drinking again, and there's a line that goes 'Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water' - which is a good cue for a drink! (Fish looks around the room) Oh Christ, someone's nicked the fridge! Hang on! (goes next door and comes back with a beer) So Torch is back in the bar and he writes 'deep down inside we're all one and the same' because he realises there's no point in trying to set himself up as a martyr - everybody's got a bit of Torch in them. And he has been contributing to changes in the only way he knows how, by writing down all his observations. He's back to square one again (Fish slurps his beer) but he's having a good time (slurp!) and you can't condemn him!

'PR Smiles'
Steve Ross: PR is short for public relations. If one is giving a "PR smile", they are being insincere and are smiling to appease the audience. The term is commonly directed towards politians and "marketing types" whom are supposed to appear happy or joyful, whether they are or not.

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