Tux On

'Tux on'
'Tux' is short for Tuxedo, the male suit traditionally worn with bow tie to important functions.

Bingo is, to my knowledge, a peculiarly British game. Each contestant is given a grid of randomly-drawn numbers, from 1 to 99. Numbered balls are pulled lottery style from a machine, and anyone with the corresponding number crosses it out. The object is to cross of all of your numbers before anyone else. It's traditionally seen as a working class pursuit, mostly for elderly ladies, but with the introduction of larger prizes, its appeal has widened.

'The match was rained off Saturday but the panel came in right'
The British have a game called the Football Pools. It is a game that could only have been invented in the UK, since winning is dependant on the football teams not winning! The rules are basically as follows: You select 10 UK football matches that will end as score-draws (i.e. 1-1, 2-2 etc), and enter a code for each onto a form. You may have up to 4 lines of 10, each line costing to play. Points are awarded for each match. As well as score-draws (3 points), you gain 2 points for a no-score draw (0-0) and 1 point for a home or away win.

You need roughly 17 points to win, but this will change depending on the weekend's results. If a match is postponed, a Panel of experts decide the likely result for each match had it gone ahead. So, in the song, although the match was cancelled due to bad weather, the pools panel decided that the match would have been a draw, and the main character has won a considerable sum.

'Burning all your credit cards... new-found friends'
A common feature of any gathering of celebrities is the snorting of cocaine from the tops of toilet cubicles. Coke is often chopped into lines with the aid of a credit card.


A tenement is a Scottish block of flats. Very often the tenements were council owned and run.

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