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Warm Wet Circles

Introduction: From an unnamed article in No1 Magazine written by Debbie Voller on 30 May 1987, sent to me by Kristie English:

Fish: "This song's about small, home town stuff; the dangers of getting trapped in the 9:00 to 5:00 syndrome and then going down to the pub and talking about things you'll never really do, y'know, "I'd love to drive a Cadillac across America or backpack over the Himalayas". And the local hero's the best darts' player and you marry the girl you met in the pub at 16. Torch goes back to his old haunts and sees how he used to be and it scares him. And he watches all the drunks in the bar late at night tracing the circles from their glasses with their fingers - alcoholics always do that!"

'Bullet hole in Central Park'
Ex-Beatle, recovering-heroin addict, recovering-alcoholic, John Winston Lennon was shot dead by crazed 'fan' Mark Chapman, 8 December. Lennon was just returning to his apartment in the Dakota Building overlooking New York's Central Park. At the time of his death, he was about to release a new album that looked set to rehabilitate him after years in the wilderness, and was back on speaking terms with Paul McCartney after many years estrangement. A memorial to Lennon called Strawberry Fields is in Central Park near the Dakota.

'Fidra Lighthouse'
Jeroen Schipper's FAQ:
"Fidra is a small rocky island just off the coast of East Lothian (East of Edinburgh, Scotland). There is a nature reserve on this part of the coast and is the type of place that people go "to be together" and alone. It's a beautiful area. There is a small automatic lighthouse on the island."

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