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Introduction: From an interview with the Web France, in September 2004, h said, "I was driving into London one day a couple of years ago, and there was a big poster up on the main road, a picture of a girl in a pair of headphones, a DJ from a London radio station called Capital Radio, and on the poster it said 'Margherita takes requests', and then it said the time, you know, '7.30 to 9.30' or something, 'Capital Radio', and the FM number and everything. And it just made me laugh, because it seemed like an advert more for a prostitute than for a DJ. So then I was driving along, thinking 'Margherita takes requests, everyday at 7 am', or whatever it was, 'if you're down or in a mess... get on to Margherita'.

"So I was driving along, saying that to myself, laughing... I changed the name to Angelina because I thought it was nicer, and more angelic, and we just tried to keep it on the edge of still being maybe about a porn star, or somebody who does favours for lonely men. But at the same time, it's really a song about a DJ who just plays your favourite songs, so it's really on the edge between the two, which is what makes it amusing and gives it a little bit of tension."

It is highly likely that the DJ that featured in the advert that inspired the song was Margherita Taylor, the DJ and television presenter. She was one of the highest profile Capital DJs throughout the 1990s. At the time of writing (Nov 2014), she presents the Smooth Classics show on Classic FM.

'0800 s l e e p y h e a d'
0800 is the prefix for freephone (toll free) numbers in the UK. At fourteen digits, '0800 sleepyhead' is too long for the UK freephone format, which is eleven digits including the prefix. If it did exist, it would be 0800 753 379 4323.

'Don't get even, Don't get mad'
A play on the phrase 'Don’t get mad, get even'.

'Twin decked. Canned up. Ready to rock...'
'Decks' being record decks - not that radio DJs on request shows generally use record decks these days - 'cans' being headphones.

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MSH SfaJT Fugazi MC CaS
SE HiE Brave AoS TSE
R10 dotcom ANP Marbles SWE

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