Fantastic Place

Introduction: From an interview with the Web France, in September 2004, h said, "Well, it's a simple song, really. I mean, it runs very deep, but it is really just a love song. It's about escaping from your own life into a better place, even if it's just for a moment. So, again, I'm reluctant to explain it, because I think I would weaken it. If I went saying why I wrote it; and what it means, and where that place is, then in many ways I would ruin it, because everyone has their own fantastic place and they don't want me to tell them where it is. Because they know where it is. 

"And it could even just be a place in your mind, it doesn't have to be a real place, even though it can be. I have an idea of where it is for me. And I never could dream when I was sleeping, I never have dreams when I sleep. All my dreams happen during the day. And some of the nightmares as well... from time to time."

‘Islands are mountain-tops’
This is a little churlish, but not always! Many are not, and are called Continental Islands.

However, Oceanic Islands are the non-submerged portion of undersea mountains (or indeed volcanoes). An example might be the Hawaiian islands, which are the tops of the Hawaiian-Emperor seamount chain, Hawaii itself being the youngest and largest thereof.

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