The Only Unforgivable Thing

Introduction: From an interview with the Web France, in September 2004, h said, "Well, that's just a song about carrying guilt, you know, dragging it around with you from the moment you drift into consciousness in the morning. You know, domestic trouble..."

'the BloodyEnglishWeather'
England's weather being popularly (though not necessarily entirely accurately) thought of as wet and grey, h has rendered the the words as though they had become a bona fide cliché in their own right.

‘Beyond the rocket-burst among the burned-out fireworks In November’
A reference to Guy Fawkes Night, the 5th of November when effigies of Guy Fawkes are burned on bonfires and there are fireworks displays to commemorate the failed 1605 attempt instigated by Robert Catesby to blow up the Houses of Parliament to try and ensure a Catholic monarch ascended to the throne. Fawkes was captured in the act of putting the torch to the gunpowder. He was tortured for the names of his co-conspirators then hung, drawn and quartered on 31st January the following year.

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