Marbles I-IV

Introduction: From an outtake from the Marbles on the Road DVD on YouTube, h said, "I wrote this poem. I had this rhythm like an Irish drinking song. It started like that, a goofy little poem about going nuts, but at the same time as that, it was about innocence and harking back to a time when everything was real. When I was a kid and I used to play marbles and how magical they were and the fact that to me they almost represented little spirits frozen in glass. Like a way of capturing ghosts almost, as a kid.

"[...] And it was the Iraq war was all going off, and it was so wrong. How one country can decide to drop fire on another country when that country does even pose any threat to it, just because it decides it should, seemed terrible to me and it was like the world had gone completely nuts. So, I was trying to beginning to wonder if I'd gone mad or the world had, and so marbles is a metaphor for innocence and for youth and for a time when things were real."

‘Did anyone see my last marble… …As it rolled out’
‘Losing your marbles’ is a euphemism for going mad.

‘marbles was always my favourite game’
Marbles is an ancient game, dating back at least as far as the Roman and Greek civilisations, and probably further. There are many variations but commonly the objective is to be the player who manages to get their marble closest to a ‘jack’ (another, typically standout-coloured marble).

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