Introduction: From an outtake from the Marbles on the Road DVD on YouTube, h revealed, "I wrote the first part for Dizzy Spell [his nickname for then-wife, Sue - Ed]. It's a way of saying that when someone's given you so much love over such a long time, it sits inside you. It's like a little power plant. It drives you on and it warms you up. The most beautiful thing about being in love or having a long term partner is having somewhere to go when push comes to shove, you know, 'thick or thin', for 'better or for worse', and all that. And that's what love should be about. It should be unconditional. It's its own reward.

"And it's about it being obvious too, and it being inside you and enabling you to function. Saying 'I wanna be someone who someone would want to be' is about guilt. It's about shame. It's about wanting to make amends and have peace of mind. From the outside, I suppose some people might think of me as successful and someone to be envied. And in a way I am. But in another way, I'm by no means a complete person, and sometimes I still feel I'd like to be someone I liked, someone I could be totally proud of.

"The second half is about escape. It's about the process of escape, the desire to escape, the possibility of escape, the value of at least having the idea that you can escape. Even if you never leave the cage, it's good to know the door is open. It's word play, based on Peter Pan."

‘Wendy Darling’
Wendy Darling is the female lead in JM Barrie’s classic Peter Pan.

‘Undo the hooks… …tic tok tok tok’
Captain Hook, the villain in Peter Pan, lost his hand to a crocodile that also swallowed his alarm clock and whose arrival on the scene was thus always presaged by the sound of ticking.

Neverland is the place where the Lost Boys, lead by Peter Pan, battle against Captain Hook and his pirates. It also provided the name of Michael Jackson’s former residence in Nevada, but obviously this is not the subject of the Marillion song!

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